Team Of Our Future

Was started by an idéa from a conversation with an inventor from sweden in 1998. This conversation were comming to be the start of a new generation of a company never before has exist. Team Of Our Future's obligation will be to put the innovators in the center of the market, by helping out with marketing of products and idéas. We know the economic situations the worlds innovators live in. It's not easy to work at an ordinary market and in the time compere to survive and develop your idéas in the same times you have to find money to finance your idéa.

The short way

By investigations of the broblems in our world we, together with the companies and the inventors knowhow, will bring us to a better and safer world to live in.

By our investigations we found that about 80 percent of the people has or had an idéa that cold be the "worlds grate hit". It's just one problem. Most of them didn't know how or where to go, so they didn't be ruined in the same time. Will this be allright in the future when we could bring our knollage together and use it for our childrens future. We want to let the right inventor earn the money he/she deserve. Or would you like to work for a salery of about 1 to 2 USD per hour. This is wat's happening in our word today.

The innovator works with his idéa for all about 2 to 10 years before he could reach the market even with a prototype. Then a company comes and uses his lo grade of economic standard by paying him a small amount that not in the stars can compare with the work he has put in to the product. This is not acceptable.

This is why we started this company. To put the inventors in the center and do our very best to create a self rising foundation. All for the innovator.

If you as a company or innovator has any questions about us, please do not hasitate to contact us.


Björn Runnemalm, MD