All membersfees ar based on the swedish "basic amount" value of (for now) 39.400 SKr./ 5.600 USD / 4.375 EUR. The amount will be updated every year at the time of 30 november. It will be the base for the calculation of the fee to enter the membership of TOOF, Team Of Our Future.(Co's will pay 15 % of base for a Co membership and 2 % for an inventors membership). Year of membership are baset on a period of 1st of January to the 31st of December. The membership are a personal membership.

By paying the members fee to TOOF, Team Of Our Future, I agree to follow the rules that TOOF, Team Of Our Future dictaded for the membership.



As a member of TOOF (Team Of Our Future), I've got the rights to show my product/-s in the comming fairs and by internet. But only with the material I shoose by my self. (all informartion are belonging to my own product/-s rör mina egna produkter).

I, as a member of TOOF, will not copy or steal any other members products or ideas. I am alowed to make them better, after agreement by the correct innovator. If he/she is a member of TOOF at the time, the correct innovator has to leave a copy to TOOF. This copy will be used if any kind of disagreement apears between the innovators about the product.

As an innovator/company and member of TOOF, I will inform TOOF about any kind of royalties I receive from those product that has been passed TOOF's services

I, as an inventor/company, will by my self to TOOF pay a fee of 0,75% of these royalties (before taxes and other fees), as long as I receive any kind of payment or things that has some kind of value. This fee is connected to all of the products I've by TOOF been able to show, sell, produce et.c. If I'm not give this information or paying the fees to TOOF, TOOF will count this by the same punishment as an bulvan.

Amediatly inform TOOF if I'm not will be able to or will not use, a placement in the border. Then TOOF will let the next one by the que-system take over.

That to TOOF at ones inform TOOF if more time has to be used to get ready for showtime.

To TOOF inform al kind of troubles so TOOF can fix them as soon as possible.

I can as an inventor, come and go as i like to my showroom at the fair. It would be good to inform TOOF before I go so TOOF i f possible could help me out. If so TOOF's responsobility will be to minimum the risk of theft, sabotage et.c.

Innovator/Business, who's a member of TOOF and need support to guard their product/-s when showtime's going on and will apply a meeting with a potential customer who will be able to by or produce the product, can talk to TOOF, and will if possible have full supporting guarding. The exobitor shall inform TOOF as soon as possible to make TOOF be able to help he/she in the best way. TOOF will do the best to find an undisturbed place for the innovator/business to begin the meeting.

I can as a member of TOOF, when I show a product by TOOF invite <10 companies, I beleave hav some interest of my product. TOOF are allowed to invite other companies that TOOF finds interested for the product. I will as an exhibitor leave my inviting formula to TOOF who will send your invitation to the company.

As a member of TOOF I will never involve my self in any kind of "bulvanity" with any of the products I presenting or plan to present thrue TOOF. If TOOF find the member involved in "bulvanity" TOOF are allowed to charge the double charge of the inventors royalties from both the company and the innovating member. TOOF are allowed to charge this amount for the whole time that has pased since the product passed TOOF's doors to be presented for hte costumers and two years after the "bulvanity" where detected.

I have the knollage about being selected to the border. In the meantime I will, by my self without prior notice, inform the border about any kind of relations that I have to any member whom are in a moneytarian need and seeking an amount of money from TOOF. I will in this case not be allowed to be a part of the judgement in this particular case of monitarian help.If TOOF will detect such a thing the member of the border will without exeptions be showen to the door and would not be allowed to come back in a period related to the rest of the year. TOOF will in the same time decline the support of monitarian help fore the related member in need. Next member by the system will be informed to replace (the other member who were showen to the door) as soon as posible.

I will as a member be ware of that the membership are a personal membership and will not allowed be used by other companies, (ex. such as the co's mother, daughter or sister et.c.). Membership for innovators will only be counted as guilty with the person named at the memberships card. Memberships card used by knollage of the right owner will be redrawn from membership for the rest of the year and the first year after. TOOF will keep the fees of membership witch all ready are payed plus payment of agreement.

TOOF are not allowed to inform others about other information then the information the innovator by printing are allowed to let out.

TOOF will after the memberfees are payed send the member an Identificationcard from TOOF with information as Name, Year of member, identificationcode, members number and photo.

TOOF will to thoe who are studying at the programs like innovation or other studies that could be counted as the same category be able to give a free membership when they are studying this kind of subjects. After this periods they will pay the memberships fee as all other members. The student shall when TOOF want be able to proof the studying.

TOOF are not allowed to take the patent from the innovator as the law often says.

TOOF are not allowed to separate members for cuses as; look, religion, handicap, nationality et.c. if the member are willing to follow the rules by TOOF.

Members or TOOF are not allowed to make any kind of "parashoote-deals" when the member has payed the memberships fee to TOOF.

I will as a member or in a period of ten years after my membership are fine, not perform to start or tell others to start a business like TOOF. In the same period I will never use the name of TOOF in no other way, then TOOF's policy tells me to.

I know that TOOF are not able to give any kind of warrenty to make my product sold, produced et.c. TOOF will anyhow do the best to make the product sold ore produced, else were TOOF will have no pament per royalties.

TOOF will not charge the innovator (as long as he/she is a member of TOOF) to take place at the fair and show his/her product at the fair of TOOF.

If TOOF will conquer et.c., the desicion has to come from the two latest borders by a majority of minimum >75% of yes. TOOF will in a period of five years after, have the right to agreement of royalties. then this part (after the fith year) will automaticly belong to the innovator again. After the period of five years TOOF will by order of the innovator distroy all information of the innovator.

I will as a member of TOOF be able to have lower prices from different companies an organisations.

Crimes against the rules of TOOF will give the member a "dot" in the members information if TOOF can proove that the member made it to hurt other members or by nonchalance or illoyality against TOOF's policy. If the member gets a third "dot" he/she will never be able to be a member of TOOF again. The before member will be sued by the minimum amount related to the damage he/she did to the organisation.

I accept the membership rules at TOOF and I want to be a member.