All sponsors fees included members fees (sponsorship) Shall be included to the scores in "back to the sponsor". The Sponsors membership are PERSONAL and are NOT allowed to be held to others then the registrated sponsor. This means that the Sister Associated Company, Parent Company, Subsidiary Company, et.c. are not allowed to be a user of the membership if it has not payed the fee of sponsor or membership.

By paying the members/sponsors fee to TOOF, I agree to follow the rules that are written for the organisations members.


As a sponsor of Team Of Our Future I will have the advantage of possible orders of production if I can bring forword a presentation of the following objects:

1) When can I start the production?

2) How big will the cost of eatch product be?

3) How long time will pass by untill the first 1,000 pcs are ready? And to what cost?

4) If the product shall keep on being produced, are you as a sponsor willing to fill the production for the whole series of producton for the specific product?


I am aware of that I can use my right to do PR for my company within the time fairs are in progress when the inventors and developers are showing their products. I'm also alowed to have my logotype linked from TOOF's homepage to my own. If you don't have an existing homepage, TOOF will construct a textdocument with information like; Logotype, Name, Person to contact, Address, Phone-Fax-Cellphone, Type of products to sell or produce.

I will as a sponsor not involve myself in any kind of way to copying or theft of idéas or products et.c. from other members. Not by myself, Co. or even by third personeven.

As an Inventor, Sponsor, Privat person or Co. and member of TOOF, I'm demanded that to TOOF give all information of any kind that could or will support TOOF with royalties of any kind for the products who has been passing thrue TOOF's services.

As an Inventor, Sponsor, Privat person, Co. I automaticly will to TOOF pay a fee by the amount of 0.75% of all types of royalties (or likely comparable income) before tax and expences, as long as I have any kind of royalty or income that could be counted likely to royalties, for those products that TOOF one way or enother has helped me (Inventors member, Co's member, Other member) demonstrate, produce or sell. As a member of TOOF and refusing to pay the fees as agreed it will be comparable as the member not are loyal to the organisation of TOOF and automaticly, the member will be judged the same way as the member whom tryes get away like "decoy".

I will as soon as posible inform TOOF of missfaliures, or missagreements between other members. Just to let TOOF be able to fix thoes problems as quick as posible.

Inventors/Companies et.c. who are a member of TOOF at showtime and are in the need of space to make an agreement of selling agreement, production, management et.c. can inform TOOF. In this case TOOF shall do the best posible to get a silence place fore discussion and someone who will be stated in the actual monter.

As a member of TOOF I will never in any kind of way involve myself in "decoyency" with any kind of product i have in mind to present thrue TOOF. If TOOF will get the information of this faliure, TOOF has got all the right by this agreement to rise the fee's amount by 200% comparing to the ordinary fee the members should pay. TOOF will own the right to use this fee from that particulary time it got to be a faliure and a minimum of 2 years in the future counted from the day it was discovered.

I'm aware of that all inventing members could have the priviliege to have a seat in the border of TOOF in a period of one year at a time. As a member of the border, I will by myself, to the rest of the border anounce if I have any kind of relationship to thoes whom are in the need of economical support or other kind of support that are needed to be judged of the border. In this case the member will put down his/hers vote without prior notice. If it comes to TOOF's knolledge that this has not being done, the member will be taken out of the border at once and the applicants application for support will without any prior notice be denied for the reason of principals. As soon as posible the former members seat of the border will be replaced of other member in line. Replaced seat are not to be counted as a part of the one year period. This means that the member could be shoosed for a full one year period directly after the replacement period.

I has as a member of TOOF the knollage of, that every membership is personlised to the applicant and do not include others (Friends, Family, Sister Associated Company, Parent Company, Subsidiary Company, et.c.). If this are discovered, TOOF has got the right by justice to withdraw the membership at once and the first whole next comming year. Members Fees / Part of royalties by agreement will be keeped by TOOF. The member will never ever be allowed to become a member again, if the member do not pay these fees.

TOOF are not allowed to bring other information to the world, then that information the Inventor by writing on paper, allowes TOOF to let the world know.

TOOF will handle a special identification cards to all members and employies of TOOF. Those shall have av photo of the member. The identification card will be taken away from the member whom are not following the rules of TOOF.

Neither TOOF or other sponsors are allowed to make relinquish of members patents or protection of arts as TOOF or sponsors normaly should have by law.

TOOF are not allowed to discriminate in favour to the cause of outfit, religion, handicapped, skin, sex , nationality, opinion, et.c. that TOOF should be aware of to be discriminated by knolledge. All as long as the member following the agreed rules of TOOF policy.

As a sponsor I can get advantege of products to that market I'm selling or marketing products of the same kind.

All members including TOOF has got the obligation to reject all kinds of golden parachute agreements, when the members fees are payed and registrated by TOOF. This rule are only used if the agreement has anything to do with any combination between Member - TOOF - Sponsor.

As a member of TOOF I'm not allowed to contribute that I / Members / Ohters of third part, does not at my time as a member or in a period of ten years after my recignation of membership, starts any kind of similay company or organisation that will or can be mixed with TOOF or put TOOF in a negative aspect comparing to others. I'm neither allowed to use the name of TOOF to place a bad credit to TOOF in the mission to harm TOOF's reputation.

TOOF are not allowed to give any kind of warrenty to products that are showed thrue TOOF's fairs for the products to be sold, produced or promoted in any kind of way, thoe TOOF only stands for the connection between the parts.

TOOF are not allowed to get paid for the showcase when the member are showing his/hers products by TOOF's fairs.

If TOOF will declare bankruptcy or liquidation et.c., the desicion must come thrue at least the two latest borders mutual statment TOOF's still own the full agreed royalties within a period of five years. Then this part of royalties will return to the right owner of patent or protection of art. TOOF will then return all information about the inventor who so want to. Other information inventors shall without no hesitation be destroyed beyond recognition.

I will in time get access to special advantages by internet thrue TOOF that are only accessed by members.

If a member break the rules of TOOF the member will get a black "dot" registred by TOOF if it can be proved the rules has been done with disloyalty, nonchalance, intention to hurt, destroy TOOF's or it's members possibilities. If a member got 3 "dots", the member will be suspended to all possibility future memberships to TOOF. The system of "dots" are counted by international amoun per each member. Damages will be judged by the at the time sitting border.The member will be sued for an amount comparing to recognized damages.


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